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'Off-Season' Summer Training Program

Take your sport to the next level with CROSSFIT NORTHERN ICE!

CrossFit Northern ICE will be offering an Off-Season Summer Training Program for the 11th year!

  • July 9th – Aug 20th, 2024 - 3 days a week, (Tues, Wed & Thurs)

  • For Athletes between the ages 13 – 18 years.

  • Independent training will be encouraged to be done at their discretion on off days from the gym.

  • Space is limited, maximum 8 athletes per class, reserve your spot now.

  • From 8:30-10am  


Steve, better known as ‘Coach Steve’ has over 20 years of coaching experience in various sports. He has a background in Kinesiology, Level 1 CrossFit & CrossFit Kids Certified, NCCP Level 1 specializing in Hockey, Swimming, and Soccer, Hockey Dev 1 Certificate, & Hockey Safety Program. Coach Steve brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in coaching youth. CrossFit Northern ICE - ‘Off-Season’ Summer Training will prepare your athlete for the next level of competition.


Our focus is placed on Strength, Cardiovascular and Respiratory Endurance, Flexibility, Coordination, Agility, Balance, Speed, Intensity, Power, Accuracy and Emotional Intelligence to be able to play at a higher level of sport.  


Athletes are expected to be committed to every workout, maximize their training time, and work in a team environment through the majority of workouts. This includes 2 days outside of our classes doing 1 day of Cardio and 1 day of Mobility to be done on their own. Athletes will be challenged mentally and physically to become improved athletes and young citizens, in a fun learning environment. We will work with athletes to make nutritional habit adjustments through weekly goal setting, nutrition tracking, reading material and various challenges throughout the program.

This program requires dedication, focus and effort on a daily basis from each athlete; it’s a lot of hard work!

However, the outcome will be well worth it, they will become well rounded individuals with much improved physical abilities. Our goals are to not only make better athletes, but better people as well.


The first week is an introduction to the program for all athletes, going over movements & testing for all program athletes’ (pre and post program).


Our 8 week program will run from July 9th – Aug 29th, 2024.

  • Program costs=$450 + tax (nonrefundable Deposit of $100 is required to secure registration date and time, must contact Marcie directly).

  • Payment needs to be received in full on or before first day of training.

  • Athletes will be expected to arrive at the facility 15 minutes before their class starts to complete their warm-up. (Due to limited availability and the high demand of the program we are not able to offer any refunds).


To register please contact CrossFit Northern ICE at email:  


  • ‘Off-Season’ Summer Program

  • Athletes Full name

  • Age

  • Contact information


or Call us at 250-565-7655




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