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From its humble start as a martial arts school in 1999, Brand X has grown under the guidance of owners, Jeff and Mikki Martin. Brand X became the fifth CrossFit affiliate worldwide in 2003 and the birthplace of CrossFit Kids in 2004. For over a decade, the Martins’ dedication to improving people’s lives has led to an evolution in their strength-and-conditioning programming, and in late 2014, after disassociating with CrossFit Kids, they launched the Brand X Method.



Brand X Method Training Centers represent the gold standard in training when it comes to providing physical literacy, physical fitness, and physical education for all ages.



The Brand X Method Training mission derives from 12 years of practical expertise training children and teens and is simple: We always want to do what is best for our clients. This begins with an obsessive pursuit of best practices in movement safety and mechanics.



From the less-active gamers to the committed athletes, from the busy moms to the former jocks, from the sedentary granddads to the avid world travelers, we promise an enduring fitness that fosters a lifelong engagement with sports and physical activity.

The Brand X Method is a comprehensive, next-generation fitness framework designed to deliver physical literacy over the life course, preventing injuries, improving sports performance, and keeping you active and engaged for a lifetime. The Brand X Method is not a static model. It is a living strength-and-conditioning framework intended to evolve philosophically and methodologically to always deliver state-of-the-art training. 



At Brand X Method we are always looking to do what is best for our clients. This translates into prioritizing client safety and encouraging all clients to set and meet personal goals related to their fitness and well-being. Ultimately, the training at CrossFit Northern ICE - Brand X Method Training Center will not only make you and your family fitter but also better prepared to take on life’s challenges.


CrossFit Northern ICE  

The Brand X Method Training Center  

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