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This is a Healthy Lifestyle Challenge, not a weight loss challenge!

Let us help you achieve your goals!

This challenge is all about creating nutritional awareness and generating healthy long-term habits. The purpose is not necessarily weight loss - instead whatever your individual goal might be (e.g. weight loss, weight gain, increased energy, better sleep, increased performance). Hopefully you will begin to see results as a by product of changing your habits and making healthier choices.


  • In-class Fitness Programming– you can attend any available adult classes to a max of (3 days/wk)

  • 90-minute group session: nutrition information and assessments. We will do a Baseline fitness test, Body Measurements and discuss personal goal setting. 

  • Pick a Nutritional Path that will suit your lifestyle and assist you in your Personal Lifestyle Goal. 

  • Provide information on how to use 'My fitness Pal' to track food and enter information. 

  • Private, Facebook support group. “CFNI – LIFESTYLE CHALLENGE”

  • Weekly Challenges as well as bonus challenges to improve your lifestyle (ie. Exercise, Nutrition, Sleep, Hydration, etc...)

  • 1:1 Check-In Meetings to discuss what’s working, what's not. Make any needed adjustments to nutritional plan. 

  • Access to various healthy recipes to suit your nutritional plan. 

  • Final assessments to determine points.


  Non-Members a $900 value for $500 

Current Members - $200

This is a CHALLENGE, which means you are being called to give special effort. During this challenge, we expect you to be honest! We will ask you to dig deep and put a call in to your old friend, Discipline. If you don’t know Discipline, we’ll introduce you! Do your best to stay on track but if you falter, don’t stress about it and get back to it as soon as possible! 


To Register: Email or call us 250-961-0605

Challenge is ran at special dates throughout the year. 

Dates TBD. 

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