JUNE 15th - We will be starting partial group classes.

To ease back into regular coached classes, we will be starting each class time with instructor led warm up & instructor led teaching component – Everyone will meet in the main space and follow coaches’ instructions (physically distancing).

After this has been completed members will go to their workout stations and will do the training they desire. Masks inside the facility at all times will continue. Please be mindful of class start times.


JULY 1st – Full instructor led classes will resume with continued limited capacity

Masks will not be mandatory during physical activity; however, we are going to ask members to wear masks in common areas and during transition (outside of designated workout space).

We are asking members to do this as a simple act of kindness as this may be a difficult transition for some people. Coaches will continue to wear masks while coaching but may remove during teaching component or when giving instructions.


CFNI Kids Summer Programs

  • EXPLORE PRETEEN SUMMER PROGRAM - Registration is now, Open see below. (If you 'Like' and share our post on FaceBook or Instagram, contact us for a 15% discount code. 

  • OFF SEASON HOCKEY PROGRAM -  Registration is now Open, see below

  • ELEMENTARY – details to be posted.


AUGUST 1st – Removal of designated workout spaces & Masks will be optional at the members discretion.

We will still encourage social distancing, but we want to prep members for the reintroduction of normal operations in Sept.


SEPTEMBER 13th – Fully Opened for all adult and Kids classes as per PreCovid.

For more information or to Register for our ADULT program please contact us at 250-565-7655

or Email us at:

See below for all our other active programs

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